We help you restore, rebalance and reconnect 

The Wellbeing Centre London is a leading Fulham SW6 based natural healthcare centre for the mind, addressing mental health, emotional wellbeing and personal development. 
All our counsellors, therapists and coaches are fully trained and highly experienced professionals, fully insured and registered with the appropriate regulatory, industry and government bodies. 
They are trained in the most advanced, proven techniques to help you make the changes you're looking for and to achieve your goals. They work with other institutions and organisations, bringing their expertise and skills to our centre and our clients. 
But our therapists are more than that 
They are people first, with rich life experiences who understand all aspects and complexities of human life, both the light and the dark. 
In a one-to-one session, you can freely explore all aspects of your life and the things that weigh you down, whilst being treated with empathy and respect, supported and guided by a trained professional in complete confidence. 
Our therapy sessions are founded on the principle that: 
…the journey to wellbeing and happiness starts inside of one’s mind… 
We help you restore and gain clarity, strength and the calm you deserve. The lasting feeling of wellbeing you experience often only after long summer holidays. 
Our goal is to help you thrive in every phase and every aspect of your life. 
Whether through short or long-term therapy or coaching, the sessions and programmes are bespoke to your needs, to support you, help you restore, transform and achieve your goals. 
Our vision: For everyone to live with inner peace, calm and happiness. 
Providing our clients with the very best effective natural healthcare to improve mental health and emotional wellbeing, with consistent levels of performance that ensure we are the number one 'go to' centre for inner wellbeing in London. 

Our Therapists/Practitioners 

Lenka Hanzelova 
Business Psychologist, Therapist & Coach 
Avril Strange 
Psychotherapist, Anxiety & OCD Specialist 
Lise Baker 
Counsellor & Psychotherapist 
Dorota Rospierska 
Counsellor & CBT Therapist 
Joshua Bourne 
Counselling Psychologist and Life Coach 
Nikolas Ragiadakos 
Psychotherapist and Counsellor 
Caroline Lazarus 
Integrative Counsellor 
Lyn Thompson 
Counsellor & Coach 
Margaret Prince 
Natalia Vavassori 
Counsellor and Psychotherapist 
Cecilia Lopez 
Caroline d'Auria 
Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist 
Sarah Harrison 
Flavia Calixto 
Senior Psychotherapist and EMDR Therapist 
Christina Cushnahan 
Psychotherapist, Anxiety & OCD Specialist 
Katarzyna Pachana-Pereira 
Counsellor CBT/REBT/EMDR Couples Counsellor 
Lauren Jacobs 
Hypnotherapist Infertility, IVF and Anxiety Specialist 
Tamsin Haskins 
Wellbeing Coach & Hypontherapist, NLP Practitioner 
Julia Ruppert 
MA, MSc, (MAPP): Positive Psychology Informed Art Therapist 
Emma-Jane Marshall 
Integrative Counselling & Psychotherapist 
Camila Davila 
Counselling Psychologist & Senior Psychotherapist 

Why choose us? 

Depth, wealth and rich life experience of our practitioners; we are people too! 
A single-stop for mental health/wellbeing with a internal skills network in proven holistic therapies, meaning once you have made contact with us, the proper treatment can be undertaken. 
We aim to help you in the shortest possible time needed - saving time & money and more importantly enabling you feeling better and achieving the change you're looking for faster. You don't need to live with the emotional difficulty you are suffering from any longer than is necessary. 
High value services at high street prices, 
ensuring we can help you achieve lasting emotional wellbeing without financial burden. 
Flexibility and accessibility of our treatments. 
We provide sessions virtually online and at a convenient location in Fulham. 
Our environment. Our relaxing therapy rooms are designed to reflect how we work, what we do and the life-changing transformational change that is often happening right there in the room. 

Our guarantee 

All our practitioners have undergone a rigorous selection process to ensure they are properly qualified and have all the soft skills (empathy, etc.) required to deliver a first class service. 
If you are not satisfied with the practitioner during your first consultation for any reason, you can change to another one free of charge. 

Warm and welcoming rooms 

Helping you relax from the moment you enter. 

At the Wellbeing Centre London we offer Premium therapy at High Street prices. 

We understand that investing in your lasting emotional wellbeing can be expensive, especially if you have been dealing with an ongoing issue for a while.  
Therefore, we provide high quality therapy and coaching at competitive prices which are affordable, to enable you to commit to your inner health and wellbeing without breaking the bank. 

Convenient and Flexible Opening Hours 

We know how hard it can be to take care of your wellbeing with a busy life, so our practitioners are available 7 days a week, early mid-week mornings or late evenings, as well as weekends. 
See the Contact Us page for details of our Opening Hours. 

Virtual / Online Sessions 

Online sessions save you travelling time and allow you to access our services from the comfort of your home and fit them around other commitments. 


Our centre is conveniently located next to the tube station in Putney Bridge, London, near the river, cafes, and a park, where you can relax before or after your session. Find us on the map here: 

Find the right Therapist or Coach for YOU 

A successful therapy or coaching programme depends on the right fit between you and the practitioner. 
The key is finding a trusted, experienced therapist or a coach that knows your feelings and can help navigate towards being a strong person that thrives. We take time to understand you and recommend the best method, therapist or a coach to help you achieve the change you seek. 

How it works 

Step 1 
Book an appointment, email or call us to schedule your Free 15-minute initial consultation via secure video conferencing or over the phone. 
Step 2 
During your free consultation we will discuss your situation and requirements, what your goals are and a brief history. We will then recommend the type of therapies or treatment options and schedule a session with a qualified practitioner. 
Step 3 
During your first session, you will discuss your situation with the practitioner in more detail, the goals you want to achieve, how long the programme will last, set milestones and how often the sessions will take, and how you will work together.  
You also have the opportunity to ask any questions you want. 
Sometimes before you have your first full session, the therapist or a coach will have a short chat with you to discuss some aspects of this with you over the phone or via a private video conferencing call. 
Once you're happy that you and the practitioner are a good fit, your programme will then start. 

Supporting You 

So, if you would like to find out more about any of our services and how they can help you, simply contact us to arrange your Free initial 15-minute consultation. 
We will recommend a trusted, professional therapist or coach to work with you, constructing a bespoke package designed to help you achieve your goals. 
Take a positive step toward a happier you, today. 

Hire a Therapy Room 

Are you a therapist or a coach keen to rent a room in Fulham, Putney Bridge? Hire a Therapy Room at the Wellbeing Centre London, and join our Wellbeing Centre team of qualified practitioners. 

Work with us 

Are you looking to grow your private practice? We are always keen to hear from fabulous therapists and wellbeing coaches who are interested in joining the team at the Wellbeing Centre London. 
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