Caroline is a Solution Focussed Hypnotherapy and Psychotherapy practitioner, specialising in short term therapy. 
The type of solution focussed therapy that I use means that you can see the benefits of calming and refreshing your thinking style, enabling you to make beneficial changes to your lifestyle in a relatively short period of time, sometimes in 1 session! 
Hypnosis is a very natural state of mind. In fact we naturally enter into a hypnotic trance state many times a day, when we are concentrating or thinking or experiencing a narrowed focus of attention for instance when watching a film, reading a book or driving and the outside world begins to fade away and we focus on that activity.  
In the session, I will utilise your ability to enter this state of a narrowed focus of attention using a hypnotic induction, talking you through relaxed breathing and careful attention to my voice. This will invoke a more beneficial thinking style as I talk you through whatever you want to change. You will not be asleep but in a much more relaxed trance state where you will be more receptive to teaching your mind a new way of thinking. 
The first 30 minutes of the session will explore ways the client can make lasting positive lifestyle changes and access their inner resources, followed by 30 minutes of relaxing Hypnotherapy to bring about lasting change in the conscious and unconscious mind. As long as you are 100% behind the idea of change, Short Solution Focussed Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy is a powerful method of achieving your goals. 
Initially I usually suggest a series of 3 sessions, once a week or every few days to help you utilise your imagination in a much more fruitful and positive way and help you to really embed the new way of thinking that you seek. 
Using the 'Human Givens' method of short therapy, most clients see an improvement after session 1, and typically 1 - 3 sessions will be enough to lift the problem. Very embedded issues may take up to 6 sessions to lift. 
I see clients for a range of issues, including phobias, addiction problems, stress anxiety, PTSD, OCD and ADHD. Hypnotherapy is a powerful tool in turning around these issues quickly and effectively.  
As well as clients from all walks of life, I have been working with University Students for the past 2 years, and I am very used to dealing with issues that young people face in the challenging modern world. 

My Qualifications 

Diploma in Solution focused Psychotherapy and Hypnotherapy 
GHR General Hypnotherapy Register 

My Services 

Client Testimonials 

"I was finding being at University in London extremely stressful and found Caroline on the SOAS Wellbeing website. My stress levels are now under control and I am finishing my assignments on time and feeling SO much calmer about everything to do with student life. WOW! never thought it would happen, and in only 3 sessions. Thank you!" 
- Sara 
"I have been able to stop my nail biting and other compulsive habits using Hypnotherapy with Caroline. It is amazing, and has given me so much confidence and relief!" 
- Jo 
"Thank goodness my friend saw your advert. Hypnotherapy with Caroline has been life changing and after 1 session I felt so much calmer and more focussed, and after 4 sessions have managed to overcome the overwhelming thoughts about my childhood which were keeping me from functioning day to day. It is such a relief to get up in the morning and not be dreading the day! Thank you, thank you, thank you!" 
- Anonymous client 

How can Caroline help you? 

Caroline can also help with sleeplessness / insomnia, smoking cessation, and a wide range of other issues. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to see how Caroline can help you. 
Please note: Each therapist and coach is a private practitioner who is responsible for their own practice. Should you have concerns about your experience or treatment, you should discuss this with the therapist or coach in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with their response, you have the right to contact the practitioner’s professional body (e.g.- BACP, BABCP, NCS). You can find details of each practitioner’s professional body on their profile page. 


Sessions typically last 1 hour, except for PTSD and Smoking cessation, where 1.5 hours is allowed. 
1 hour session - £120 
1.5 hour session - £165 
Set of three 1 hour sessions - £330 
Set of three 1.5 hour sessions - £460 
Smoking cessation - £290 
Click here to arrange your session with Caroline today! 
Click here to arrange your session with Caroline today! 
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