Stress can be overwhelming. 

When we find ourselves in situations that put pressure upon us, our stress levels increase. It’s this reaction to being placed under pressure that some of us find difficult to cope with, and this is when our quality of life suffers. 

What is stress? 

Stress is a part of normal life, and low-level stress can even be positive as it can motivate us to achieve our personal or professional goals. 
It is our body’s natural reaction to feeling under pressure, and whilst it can help us to perform, too much stress can have a negative impact on our personal and professional lives. 
If this sounds all too familiar, it could be that you need a helping hand to support you to take back control of your life. 
Stress Relief Therapy 
Signs that you are stressed and under pressure include: 
Feeling overwhelmed 
Difficulty concentrating 
Racing thoughts 
Mood swings or irritability 
Thoughts of worry or fear 
Persistent headaches, back or shoulder ache 
Insomnia or sleeping problems 
Changes in appetite 
Increased intake of alcohol 
Identifying and addressing the root cause of your stress is crucial to preventing prolonged long-term issues, which can lead to anxiety, panic attacks and even depression. 
The sooner you recognise your symptoms and seek professional help, the faster you’ll regain your lust for life. 

It's time to talk to a professional 

Our experienced practitioners at the Wellbeing Centre London have specific expertise in helping people recover from the effects of emotional pressures by challenging the causes of stress. 
Stress is a treatable condition and our qualified therapists and wellbeing coaches will work with you to assess your challenges and provide treatment that will best suit your needs. 
We believe that stress begins with our thoughts, behaviours and reactions, and by exploring these areas we can give you the tools to manage your stress levels more productively. 
Often after just a few sessions, your wellbeing coach or therapist at the Wellbeing Centre London can help you to achieve positive changes in your life. 

How we help 

Some of the therapies and coaching from the Wellbeing Centre London that can help you overcome stress and feel calm again include: 
We want to treat you in an environment in which you feel comfortable in. We are based in the Fulham and Putney Bridge area of South West London for face-to-face appointments. We also have immediate online appointments available via Zoom or by telephone. Simply let us know what works best for you and we can tailor your sessions accordingly. 

Wellbeing Centre London Practitioners who can help you with Stress 

Lenka Hanzelova Wellbeing Coach 

Lise Baker Counsellor & Psychotherapist 

Calum Moulder Counsellor & CBT Therapist 

Caroline d'Auria Psychotherapist & Hypnotherapist 

Cecilia Lopez Counsellor  

Natalia Vavassori Counsellor & Psychotherapist 

Lauren Jacobs Hypnotherapist 

Lyn Thompson Wellbeing Coach 

Avril Strange Humanistic Person-Centred Therapist & Systemic Family Practitioner 

Lila Ramsahai Psychotherapist 

Julia Ruppert Art Therapist 

Tamsin Haskins Resilience Mentor & Coach For Adults, Children 8+ & Families 

Camila Davis Counselling Psychologist & Senior Psychotherapist 

Dorota Rospierska Psychotherapist 

Katarzyna Pachana-Pereira Integrative Counsellor CBT, EMDR Couples Counsellor SFBT 

Joshua Bourne Psychologist & Life Coach 

Viola Staron Psychotherapist & Counsellor 

Caroline Lazarus Integrative Counsellor 

Nikolas Ragiadakos Counsellor and Psychotherapist 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with Stress, simply contact us to arrange a FREE initial 15-minute consultation. 

We will recommend a therapy that will suit you and a trusted, professional therapist or counsellor to work with you, constructing a bespoke treatment package designed to help you achieve your goals. 
Fees for private therapy and counselling range from £60–£140. The sessions last between 50-90 minutes. 
Take a positive step toward a happier you, today. 
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