"I have worked for the NHS since 2008 and I work as a family therapist and lead for NVR (non-violent resistance programme) in a Child and Adolescent Mental Health Service. I also co-work with the Tavistock Relationships working with couples using MBT." 
I began my therapeutic work in 2003. At first however, I studied the law. It took me time to notice that it was not the most suitable way of life for me, it took more time for me to figure out what a right path may be. However, going through the process of discovery this path has been invaluable. 
In my work, I assist clients in their journey of discovery and transformation. 
My job is to alleviate a person(s) suffering and pain. Often the pain appears when our current ability to cope with a challenge is exceeded by the intensity/severity/chronicity of our situation. 
Feeling overwhelmed cuts us off our own internal resources. My job as a therapist, whether working with individuals, couples, families or groups, is to reconnect you with your own wisdom, experiences, knowledge or skills and based on those build new resources. 
I have a versatile set of skills I will be drawing on when working with you. 
My background is in psychology (MSc), systemic family psychotherapy (MSc) and EMDR therapy. 
I have always been drawn to out of mainstream methods and in my work I combine the best of the two worlds. Therefore, I offer trauma treatment like AIT (Advanced Integrative Therapy) or NLP, Time Line Therapy, Focusing, or Mindfulness for Anxiety and Depression. 
I also work with Brief Solution Focused Therapy, Attachment Based Family Therapy (ABFT), Mentalisation Based Therapy (MBT) for Parents, Mentalisation Based Therapy for Children, Non Violent Resistance Programme to support parents of adolescents who are violent or self-destructive. 
If you are noticing your relationships have become a source of distress - your relationships with yourself, with your loved ones or family members, friends or co-workers no longer fulfil you, my style of working may help assist you. 
In my therapy practice, I have worked with clients experiencing some of the following: 
Relationship difficulties: with children, partners, family member; an impact of trauma including intergenerational trauma; depression, anxiety, addiction, bereavement and loss; understanding and supporting families where member(s) present with symptoms of ADHD, ASD, phobias, OCD; self-harm; child on parent violence. 

My Qualifications 

MSc Systemic Psychotherapy 
MSc Clinical Psychology in Poland 
EMDR Therapy 
Systematic Family Psychotherapy 
Systemic Supervisory 
NVR Supervisor 
Dorota is a member of UKCP, AFT (Association for Family Therapy) and abides by their ethics.  
She provides sessions in English or Polish. 
She is a UKCP Accredited Systemic Psychotherapist and 
EMDR Europe Accredited Practitioner 

My Services 

Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) 
Non-Violent Resistance Approach (NVR) 
Mentalisation Based Therapy 
Attachment Based Family Therapy 
Brief Solutions Focused Therapy 
Advanced Integrative Therapy AIT (trauma treatment) 
Time Line Therapy 

How can Dorota help you? 

Interparental Conflict 
Managing Separation 
Family of Origin related issues 
Relationship difficulties 
ADHD, ADD, ASD - Parental Support 
Dorota can help with a wide range of issues. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to see how Dorota help you. 
Please note: Each therapist and coach is a private practitioner who is responsible for their own practice. Should you have concerns about your experience or treatment, you should discuss this with the therapist or coach in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with their response, you have the right to contact the practitioner’s professional body (e.g.- BACP, BABCP, NCS). You can find details of each practitioner’s professional body on their profile page. 


Individual sessions 50 mins - £110 
Package of 6 sessions - £620 
Couples Therapy using Mentalisation Based Therapy - 2 individual sessions with each partner PLUS 8 couple sessions - £1,195 
Couple therapy session 60 mins - £130 
EMDR 75 mins - £130 
Package of six EMDR sessions - £740 
Family session (more than two people) – 75 mins - £150 
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