"I help my clients tackle stress, anxiety, burnout, sleeping problems and other work and life challenges, as well as overcome phobias, the impact of negative experiences, trauma, abuse or narcissism.  
I also help clients who are not satisfied with their life make a positive change and increase their level of contentment and happiness." 
I have over 10 years’ experience working with people from all walks of life to help improve their emotional wellbeing, resilience or confidence, and enabling them to thrive in their personal and professional life. 
In the last 20 years I have worked with a large variety of people within the private and corporate environments, helping them make the changes they wanted and realise their full potential. 
I am a therapist and a coach, but most of all I am a human who had my own challenges to overcome. I understand the curve balls that life can throw at you, and the ups and downs you might face. 
I have invested into my own development and use my experiences, my knowledge, skills and training to help others conquer their life challenges. Through my integrated approach of using cutting-edge psychological therapeutic and coaching methodologies, I enable my clients to transform their lifes and achieve positive sustainable lasting change. 

My Qualifications 

I have an M.Sc in Business Psychology, Coaching Diploma L7 and the following professional qualifications: 
Clinical Hypnotherapy 
NLP Master Practitioner 
Time Based Techniques (TBT) Practitioner 
Integral Eye Movement Therapy (IEMT) Practitioner 
Three Principles Coaching Practitioner  
MBTI L1 (Myers Briggs) Psychometric Testing and Coaching 
Saville Wave Psychometric Assessment and Coaching 
The British Psychological Society (BPS) Level A & B Test User 
Bachelor of Business 
I am also a Professional Member of the Association for Neuro-Linguistic Programming (ANLP) and the Integral Eye Movement Therapy Association (IEMT). 

My Services 

Client Testimonials 

"I used to be very hard on myself and wanted to get everything right. This would stop me from pursuing certain things in life, and from enjoying it fully. 
In just one session, Lenka shifted my negative dialogue about myself, which gave me a new found freedom, confidence and peace of mind. 
I was also able to complete some painful events from my past, which no longer have a hold on me.  
One of the profound things was also when I connected to my inner child and sent it lots of love. This beautiful inner being is now ready to spread its light and shine! :-) 
Lenka has many wonderful techniques up her sleeve, so no matter what you are dealing with, I highly recommend her to guide you to transform your life challenges." 
Beata M, Data Analyst 
“Lenka was all the time very kind, non-judgemental, respectful with shared thoughts and emotions. 
After the sessions I noticed much more ease that enabled me to let go of the situations, thoughts, and emotions. Thus, I could recover faster from any difficult issues. 
I would recommend the sessions to others, in fact I did already!" 
Lola S., HR Professional and Mindfulness Trainer 

How can Lenka help you? 

Narcissistic Abuse Recovery 
Sleeplessness / Insomnia 
Career Coaching 
Finding a sense of direction 
Lifestyle Problems (Weight Loss, New Mum, Smoking, etc.) 


Free 15 minute Initial Consultation 
Individual sessions - 50 minutes: £95 
Individual sessions - 80 minutes: £125 
Programme of 6 x 50 minute sessions: £495 
Programme of 6 x 80 minute sessions: £710 
Session - 55 minutes: £150 
Employee Coaching: £250  
Sessions are held weekly or bi-weekly 
Click here to book your first first session with Lenka today! 
Click here to book your first session with Lenka today! 
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