"I am highly aware of the challenges and opportunities involved with multi-cultural families, multi-cultural couples, acculturation, and language differences." 
I am a qualified Counselling Psychologist with several years of experience with private clients and in the charity sector where I led two important organizations working with survivors of abuse. I am currently in the final stages of training as a Jungian Analyst (6th year) at The Guild of Analytical Psychologists in London. 
My core model of work is Analytical Psychology, also referred to as Jungian Analysis which is the psychological model proposed by Carl Gustav Jung.  
In Analytical Psychology, the therapist and the client work together to bring unconscious elements of the psyche into a more balanced relationship with conscious awareness and experience to discover meaning, to facilitate maturation of the personality, to improve mental health, or to provide relief to psychological suffering. 
The unconscious is seen as a guiding principle and the therapy focuses on understanding patterns and images that arise either in dreams, fantasies, memories, artistic expressions, or daily life events. The question to answer is not “why has this happened to me?”, but “what for?” 
Difficulties such as a middle life crisis, a lack of meaning in life, depression, anxiety, loneliness, existential and spiritual crises, are approached from a wider perspective to understand the reasons that have brought the person to that point in their life as well as the purpose of that emotional state or difficulty in the individual’s path of life. 
As a Counselling Psychologist, I sometimes use other techniques from psychological models such as Humanistic Therapy, Trauma work (NET techniques) and Internal Family Systems (IFS). 
I am based in London since 2013, am Latin American, am married with a British citizen and have a child [and two cats]. Over the past two decades, I have lived and worked six years in Spain, five years in Switzerland and now the UK. For this reason, I have had both the opportunity and privilege to work with all kinds of people from various cultural backgrounds. I am highly aware of the challenges and opportunities involved with multi-cultural families, multi-cultural couples, acculturation, and language differences. Therefore, depending on the individual’s needs, I see my model of work within the transcultural psychotherapy framework, even though of course it is not limited to it. 
I am very comfortable working with adults in both English and in Spanish. 

My Qualifications 

Counselling Psychologist (Obtained in 1999 - Accredited in the UK by the HCPC in 2018) 
Training Jungian Analyst (2015/Currently) - Guild of Analytical Psychologists/London 
Camila is a member of HCPC, BPS and UKCP, and speaks English and Spanish. 

My Services 

Deep Psychology/Jungian Analysis 
Dream work 
Internal Family Systems 
Trauma Informed Therapy 

Client Testimonials 

“What I like the most about my therapy sessions is the analysis of my dreams. I never thought dreams could be such a good source of information about me and my main difficulties in life. It helps a lot. I love how Camila focuses on dreams and on the imagination. She is also a very warm person. I always look forward for my sessions with her.” 
- Daniel 
“Camila opened up for me a new way of seeing my life. She showed me several ‘blind spots’, things that I hadn’t been able to see but that were obviously ‘the elephant in the room’. I gained much more awareness of myself and of my way of relating to everyone around." 
- Paula 

How can Camila help you? 

Existential and Spirituality Crisis 
Recovery from Narcissistic Abuse 
Middle Life Crisis 
Lifestyle (Weight Loss, New Mum, Smoking, etc.) 
Lack of Meaning in Life 
Transcultural issues 
Camila can help with a wide range of issues. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to see how Camila can help you. 
Please note: Each therapist and coach is a private practitioner who is responsible for their own practice. Should you have concerns about your experience or treatment, you should discuss this with the therapist or coach in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with their response, you have the right to contact the practitioner’s professional body (e.g.- BACP, BABCP, NCS). You can find details of each practitioner’s professional body on their profile page. 


Session fee: £90 per 50 mins session 
Package of 6 sessions - £510 
Camila accepts psychotherapy clients with the following insurances: 
Vitality Health 
Private Healthcare and Employee Therapy Fee: £120 per session 
Click Here to Book Your First Session with Camila Today! 
Click Here to Book Your First Session with Camila Today! 
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