We often take our ability to create life for granted, but not everyone has that luxury. 

With one in eight women and one in ten men struggling with their fertility in the UK, and many more experiencing stress and other negative emotions when they are trying to conceive, it can be a testing time. 

How can trying for a baby affect you? 

Whether you’ve just started trying for your little bundle of joy, or you have already been trying for a while without success, it can be an emotional time for you. 
Struggling with fertility issues goes way beyond the mere physical hurdles. It is a stressful time for anyone, regardless of where in the conception journey you are. 
It can lead to worry, anxious thoughts, feelings of not being good enough, and even depression. Which is what we can help with. 
Many people can feel anger, frustration and hopelessness as they struggle with everyday life and maintaining relationships while trying to conceive. 
Undergoing fertility testing, waiting for results and trying to do everything you can to increase your chances are all stressors that can negatively affect your wellbeing and in turn can decrease your chances of conception. 

How we help with Fertility & IVF Hypnotherapy and Counselling 

Our team of qualified specialists at the Wellbeing Centre London can help you with specific therapies that are designed to relieve your emotional distress and possibly increase fertility during time like this. 
Studies have shown that those trying for a baby who also receive hypnotherapy treatments and/or expert, specialist counselling can double their chances of a successful conception. 
When no medical reasons are found for infertility, it can be, in some cases, be a psychological issue. 
It’s not just about improving your fertility or aiding in your IVF treatment though: Our counselling, hypnotherapy and wellbeing coaching treatments are there for you, to help you work through the emotional rollercoaster you have been on for so long. 
To help you process your emotions and carry on enjoying life. 
Using hypnotherapy techniques, we can help you to remove subconscious psychological barriers built up from earlier life experiences, from the ‘goal’ of conceiving your child and from the pressure and biological time constraints. 
We help you feel better about yourself, giving you a chance at a happier, healthier journey, and being there for you every step of the way. That’s what we do. 
At Wellbeing Centre London, we are dedicated to helping your mental wellbeing as you go through this difficult time, giving you an outlet and using proven hypnotherapy, counselling and coaching techniques to aid your journey and help to improve fertility and your chances at conceiving. 
Reducing worries, stress or even depression to eliminate the negative effects on fertility while offering a warm smile and a helping hand. 
The sessions can be held remotely online via Zoom or Skype, or face-to-face at our Wellbeing Centre in London. 

Wellbeing Centre London Practitioners who can help you with Fertility & IVF issues 

Katarzyna Pachana-Pereira Integrative Counsellor CBT, EMDR Couples Counsellor SFBT 

Lauren Jacobs Hypnotherapist Infertility, IVF & Anxiety Specialist 

Tamsin Haskins Resilience Mentor & Coach For Adults, Children 8+ and Families 

Lila Ramsahai Psychotherapist 

Viola Staron Counsellor and Psychotherapist 

Magdalena Jagielska Psychotherapist & Counsellor 

If you would like to find out more about how we can help you with Fertility & IVF Support, simply contact us to arrange a FREE initial 15-minute consultation. 

We will recommend a therapy that will suit you and a trusted, professional therapist or counsellor to work with you, constructing a bespoke treatment package designed to help you achieve your goals. 
Fees for private therapy and counselling range from £60–£140. The sessions last between 50-90 minutes. 
Take a positive step toward a happier you, today. 
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