Online and Face to Face EMDR Therapy Available in Fulham, Putney Bridge, across London and UK 

What is Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing (EMDR)? 

EMDR therapy process focuses on the individual's present disturbances that are influenced by past emotionally charged experiences. EMDR helps you break free from emotional blocks or traumas to experience healthy, fulfilling life. EMDR addresses negative emotions and beliefs you might be holding about yourself that can influence your self-acceptance, self-care and your relationships. 
The Wellbeing Centre London provides EMDR therapy to clients in South West and Central London. Our experienced practitioners use EMDR to help you to understand that whilst you cannot change the past, you can change the way you let it affect you. 
You do not need to struggle with traumas and negative beliefs all your life! 
EMDR is used in treatment of: 
Negative beliefs about yourself 
Difficulty in building or maintaining relationships 
Please contact us if the problems you are experiencing are not listed and you are interested in EMDR treatment. 

Why choose the Wellbeing Centre London for EMDR? 

We are Accredited Members of the EMDR Association 
Our accredited EMDR specialists are fully qualified, insured and comply to the code of ethics of the NCS Association, to reassure you that you are in the hands of professionals who provide you with premium quality treatment for sustainable change. 
Available face-to-face and online 
Some clients prefer in-person sessions at our centre in Putney Bridge, South West London. 
For other clients, especially during the recent Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, online appointments are preferable. We provide virtual online EMDR therapy to clients across the London and the UK. 
Availability, accessibility and flexibility of our therapists 
We have immediate availability for clients in distress to get started on EMDR therapy. We are flexible and can work around your existing commitments and lifestyle. Our aim is to enable you to get help effortlessly so booking an appointment with us is simple and straightforward. 

How does EMDR work? 

EMDR uses natural function of the body to process and heal blocked emotions or memories. During sleep (REM) the human mind uses rapid eye movement and bilateral stimulation to process daily emotional experiences, but sometimes when the emotions are to extreme, the process brakes down.  
In therapy, bilateral stimulation (eye movement, tapping, bilateral tones, etc.) is used to simulate that processing and shifting of thoughts and feelings about the unpleasant/disturbing experiences. 
EMDR process weakens the effect of emotional charge, distress and negative beliefs and the relief from them can be quite rapid.  
Throughout the process, the client is alert and in control and therapist uses a set of procedures, general questions and rating of disturbance level. There is no need for the client to explain the experiences in detail. 

The effects of EMDR 

Brain scans have shown pre-post changes after EMDR treatment that include increases in hippocampus volume (implications for storing memories) as well as profound and efficient change in clinical state of the clients. 

What happens during an EMDR session? 

EMDR session takes between 60-90 minutes. 
In first session the therapist collects history of disturbing experiences, emotions, negative cognitions and symptoms. The client does not have to share detailed description of trauma but just a general explanation of what happened. Current coping skills and resources used by clients are also identified. 
Therapist will introduce the client to new safety resources like: “The Container”, “Safe/Calm Space”, grounding techniques and explain the process of EMDR therapy. 
Secondary, and any following sessions, will include procession of disturbance. EMDR processing can take between 2-6 sessions, depending on complexity of trauma. 
You might be asked in your initial assessment to bring comforting objects (blankets, sensory objects, essential oils, etc.), anything that might help with comforting during the processing. 

Please do not struggle in silence! 

If you would like to find out more about EMDR and how it can help you, simply contact us to arrange a Free initial 15-minute consultation. 
We will recommend a trusted, professional therapist to work with you, constructing a bespoke package designed to help you achieve your goals. 
Call us as the treatment is available immediately. 
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