Wellbeing Centre London offers face-to-face CBT sessions from our therapy rooms in Fulham, South West London, and online CBT Therapy sessions are available via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime 

Modern life can prove challenging. 
If you are experiencing problems at home or at work, or suffering from stress, anxiety, phobias, depression, trauma or panic disorders, our expert CBT therapists can help you overcome your emotional challenges and move on with your life. 
We have been successful in helping clients who have struggled with their mental health for many years. 

What does Cognitive Behavioural Therapy treat? 

Our CBT therapists have successfully helped clients treat issues such as: 
Insomnia / Sleep Disorders 
Alcohol, Drug and other dependencies, Habit Disorders 
Chronic Pain 
Children, Adolescents and Teens issues issues 

Why choose the Wellbeing Centre London for CBT? 

We are BABCP Accredited 
You can be assured that every CBT therapist at the Wellbeing Centre London is BABCP accredited. 
BABCP accreditation is the highest premium standard that a CBT psychotherapist can achieve, meaning you will always receive the best treatment from us. 
We have a wealth of experience in improving our clients’ lives 
Putting your mental and emotional wellbeing into someone else’s hands can a daunting prospect. 
Our therapists recognise the courage it takes to seek help for your issues. 
We will treat you with empathy and respect in a safe environment. 
Immediate availability, in an environment that works for you 
We welcome clients for face to face CBT therapy in Putney Bridge, South West London. 
We can also deliver therapy online across the whole of the UK and have flexible availability for clients who need immediate help. 
We work with whichever method is most practical and comfortable for you. 

How can CBT help with anxiety, depression, OCD, PTSD or panic attacks? 

Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) is clinically proven to improve the quality of life for people with emotional and mental health challenges.  
Unlike other talking therapies, CBT focuses on the present challenges you face and not issues from your past. 
Your life experiences and the world around you all contribute to how you feel and think. Your therapist will encourage you to explore these thoughts and behaviours and identify ways to make positive changes to improve your outlook on life. They will share techniques to help you change the way you think about yourself and others and show you how to replace unhelpful thoughts with positive ones. 
Our aim is to free you from negative, repetitive behaviours so you are free to live your life with purpose and in peace. 

What can I expect from my CBT session? 

Our CBT sessions last 50 minutes. Depending on your individual needs, the course lengths range from 5 to 20 sessions on a weekly or bi-weekly basis. Your therapist will give you an estimate, before your treatment begins. 
The sessions are based on breaking down the problem into separate parts – thoughts, feelings and actions. You will analyse these with your therapist, and work out the effects of these on you and your environment. 
Your therapist will then help you identify how to change the unrealistic or unhelpful thoughts and behaviours. You are encouraged by your therapist to apply the skills you learned during treatment in your daily life, which will enable you to manage the problems and their negative impact on your life. 
Together, we will lead you towards a better and brighter future and help you thrive. 

CBT support, personalised for you 

If you would like to find out more about Cognitive Behavioural Therapy and how it can help you, simply contact us to arrange a FREE initial 15-minute consultation. 
We will recommend a trusted, professional therapist to work with you, constructing a bespoke package designed to help you achieve your goals. 
Take a positive step toward a happier you, today. 
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