Working with clients in South West London and throughout the UK 

Virtual Psychotherapy and Counselling Sessions Are Available via Zoom, Skype or FaceTime 
Are you feeling low, tense or struggling with negative emotions, anxiety or depression? 
Sometimes life can throw us a curve ball. We all need support occasionally, and often a professionally trained therapist is the right person to help you overcome your life difficulties and find better ways to cope. 
Feel confident that you are able to talk confidentially about your problems and your feelings with Wellbeing Centre London therapists to gain deeper insights into the issues you face, and learn to resolve the root cause of your challenge. 
Through talking therapies, your psychotherapist will help you discover better ways to cope, create positive changes in how you think, feel and act, to improve your mental and emotional wellbeing so you can thrive again. 

How does Psychotherapy & Counselling help? 

Our psychologists and counsellors have helped clients with a range of issues such as: 
Insomnia / Sleep Disorders 
Abuse (domestic, adult, child, physical, emotional, sexual, financial, narcissistic) 
Bereavement / Grief  
Habit Disorders 
Chronic Pain 
Sexual Difficulties 
Couple and Relationship Counselling & Therapy 
Finding a New Direction 

Achieve balance in your life 

We lead fast paced and demanding lives, that keep us busy and pre-occupied, which means we are often guilty of neglecting our emotional wellbeing. 
At the Wellbeing Centre London, with HQ in Putney Bridge, Fulham, we believe that your emotional wellbeing is as important as your physical wellbeing or looking good, and true peace and happiness arises from inside of us, from our thoughts and inner calm. 
Our experienced psychotherapists and counsellors treat a range of emotional distresses, problems and disorders centred around work or home life issues. 
In your session with your therapist, we allow you to take time out to focus on yourself, your feelings, emotions and behaviours, so you can make sense of them and you can make the change you need, bringing you peace and happiness. 
Counselling and psychotherapy shouldn’t be the last resort for emotionally challenging times in your life. We are working to lift the stigma of seeking support, by providing a safe and supportive space in which to explore your feelings. 
Our experienced therapists have helped many clients achieve lasting change in a range of difficulties from anxiety and trauma, through to supporting them during times of bereavement or divorce. 

Why choose the Wellbeing Centre London for Psychotherapy & Counselling? 

We are UKCP / BACP Accredited 
We ensure our therapists are qualified to the highest standards and accredited by the UKCP or BACP. You can therefore be confident that you are putting your emotional wellbeing in the safe hands of a confidential, ethical and professional counsellor who has met the rigorous standards of the regulatory bodies. 
Immediate availability, in an environment that works for you 
When your emotional health is suffering, you need help quickly and effortlessly. 
The Wellbeing Centre London offers immediate appointments, either face-to-face or online. We welcome clients to our South West London based premises and also deliver therapy online across the whole of the UK. 
We will work with whichever method is most practical and comfortable for you. 

What is the difference between Psychotherapy and Counselling? 

The differences in Psychotherapy and Counselling are minimal, with most therapists trained in both techniques. 
A short term treatment which encourages changes in behaviour 
Ideal for those who understand their problems and are able to resolve them with the help of an experienced specialist 
Helpful in identifying issues and taking positive steps to resolve them. 
A longer-term treatment that helps you identify emotional issues, problems and difficulties 
Ideal for exploring the origins of any issues and how to overcome them 
Of most use when you're trying to analyse and make sense of your emotions, feelings, thoughts and behaviours so you can make positive changes. 

What happens during a Psychotherapy or Counselling session? 

In order to be comfortable during your session, it is important to understand the structure. 
Therapy sessions usually last 50 minutes and are held weekly or fortnightly. 
Psychotherapy can be short or long term, and we advise a minimum of six sessions. The number of sessions will depend on your individual needs and the complexity of the issues you want to resolve. The therapist will usually give you an estimate of treatment times at the initial assessment stage. 
Therapy can be open-ended with no commitment to the number of sessions, providing a truly flexible and modern approach to counselling. 

Psychotherapy & Counselling support, personalised for you 

If you would like to find out more about our Psychotherapy or Counselling services, and how they can help you, simply contact us to arrange a Free initial 15-minute consultation. 
We will recommend a trusted, professional therapist or counsellor to work with you, constructing a bespoke treatment designed to help you achieve your goals. 
Take a positive step toward a happier you, today. 
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