"Each individual is unique with a unique life programme and needs. I am a widely experienced, successful, empathetic, multi-skilled Psychotherapist working with a variety of modalities." 
I specialise in, but my skills are not exclusively related to, unresolved family issues, addictions, couples therapy, PTSD, OCD, and psycho-sexual issues, and I have a broad experience working with adults, adolescents and families across varied settings globally. 
My approach is that psychotherapy is a natural healing process. Always client-centred,  
always flexible, always holistic. I am here to provide a safe, non-judgemental zone in which to help my clients. 
When I meet a client for the first time, I ask myself who they are, what has shaped them, what has brought them to therapy and what do they need from me. As I form a relationship of trust, understanding and confidentiality, I then give them new life skills.  
I never judge my clients. I am here to support them. 
As a qualified and experienced Adult, Child, Adolescent and Family Psychotherapist, I treat each client as a unique individual with their own path to recovery. As such, I facilitate and support them on this journey.  
I specialise in working with adults who are undergoing life crises, addiction issues, relationship issues, employment issues, OCD, as well as psycho-sexual issues, unresolved traumas, anger management, dissociative disorders, loss and abuse. 
I practise client-centred, psycho-dynamic therapy as well as existential approaches to therapy and CBT, transactional analysis, existential analysis, gestalt and narrative psychotherapy among others. As a psychotherapist I create a bespoke programme for each client. 

My Qualifications 

Psychotherapist for individuals, couples and adolescents 
Transactional analysis 
Existential analysis 

My Services 

IEMT (integral eye movement therapy) 
Career Development Coaching 

What Clients Say  

"I have been seeing Richard for only a short time now for various different psychological and physical issues, one of them being that my periods stopped for 16 months for no reason at all, and I had tried everything else and seen numerous therapists/doctors with no help to get them back." 
"Shortly after seeing Richard I had a period again which I believe is a result of the work we are doing addressing the underlying unconscious issues that I have. I feel very lucky to have found Richard as he truly knows what he is doing and also a very kind and trustworthy man. I would recommend him to anyone." 
Daisy Briggs 
"Richard is a first-rate couples counsellor, he managed to stop me arguing with my wife and helped me with my jealousy issues, he saved our marriage!" 
Jason Pinder 
"Richard Godwin is an exceptionally talented psychotherapist who immediately puts you at your ease. Having seen four professionals before him with no results, he changed my life." 
Marcus French 
"Richard was able to help me to understand why I was doing the things I did, he shed light on my past, healed my present, and put me in a position where I can choose my future." 
Daphne Green 

How can Richard help you? 

Lifestyle (Weight loss, New Mum, Smoking etc. 
Recovery from narcissistic abuse 
Infertility/IVF Support 
Anger Management 
Psycho-sexual Issues 
Family issues 
Life crisis 
Richard can help with a wide range of issues. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to see how Richard can help you. 


50-minute individual therapy session: £90 
6-session package: £510 
50-minutes couples therapy session: £120 
6-session package: £660 
60-minute family therapy session: £150 
Private Healhcare and Employee Counselling & Coaching: £130 
Richard offers a sliding scale of payments for those on lower incomes, please do ask in your initial enquiry 
Click Here to Book Your First Session with Richard Today! 
Click Here to Book Your First Session with Richard Today! 
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