Flavia is a highly experienced psychotherapist, counsellor, EMDR therapist and a member of BACP and abides by their code of ethics. 
"My practice draws on a relational and integrative approach, focusing on the therapeutic relationship while we work together" 
My passion has always been to work with people, supporting their personal growth and helping people develop happier and more meaningful lives, providing a safe environment where they can find inner strength and resilience. 
I am a qualified Psychologist graduated in 2002 in Brazil and a Psychotherapist in the UK registered to the British Association for Counseling and Psychotherapy Society UK (BACP). 
With 19 years of experience in Counselling and Psychotherapy, I have worked with people of all ages and backgrounds and can help you with a variety of concerns. 
My practice draws on a relational and integrative approach, focusing on the therapeutic relationship while we work together. 
I am also an EMDR, Brainspotting, Bioenergetics Analyses and Trauma Informed Practitioner and may draw on those should they be relevant to our work together. 
Within a flexible and personalized approach to treatment, you can expect the following from our sessions: 
Mutual trust, respect and confidentiality; 
Shared decision-making and agreement on the goals of therapy; 
The freedom to share any negative emotional responses, thoughts and feelings; 
Co-constructing a space within which you feel comfortable and able to share and experience difficult emotions; 
Empathic support in undoing self-criticism, as well as challenging, and changing behaviors; 
A caring space within which we can explore difficult, traumatic and painful relationships, feelings or events; 
Knowledge and expertise that can help regulate, mitigate, and alleviate emotional trauma responses within your body. 
I work with children 8 + and adults. 

My Qualifications 

Psychology – 2002 
Bioenergetics Analyses – 2008 
EMDR – 2012 

My Services 

What Clients Say  

"Flavia Calixto has been working with our family for a few months now. She is an exceptional therapist and has a lot of knowledge in the EMDR. The therapy and EMDR has helped our teenage daughter and myself tremendously in many ways in our everyday life. The way our daughter copes with difficult emotions now is totally positive and different. 
The EMDR is a powerful tool in therapy and the results we have been having with Flavia is absolutely noticeable in our everyday life. I highly recommend Flavia Calixto in therapy and EMDR treatment. She is going to help you in every way how to alleviate your emotions, thoughts and feelings." 
Michelle - Ponte Vedra Florida - USA 

How can Flavia help you? 

Work Related Issues 
Lifestyle (Weight loss, New Mum, Smoking etc. 
Adapting to Change 
Performance's Improvement 
Cultural Issues 
Trust Issues 
Life/Career Changes 
Existential Questions 
Childhood Related Issues 
Flavia can help with a wide range of issues. If you don’t see what you are looking for, contact us to see how Flavia can help you. 
Please note: Each therapist and coach is a private practitioner who is responsible for their own practice. Should you have concerns about your experience or treatment, you should discuss this with the therapist or coach in the first instance. If you are not satisfied with their response, you have the right to contact the practitioner’s professional body (e.g.- BACP, BABCP, NCS). You can find details of each practitioner’s professional body on their profile page. 


50 min Psychotherapy and EMDR session - £105 
1hr20mins EMDR intensive session - £130 
Package 6 Psychotherapy or EMDR sessions: £595 
Click Here to Book Your First Session with Flavia Today! 
Click Here to Book Your First Session with Flavia Today! 
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